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I am Nitin ‘Raj’ Srivastava – founder/author of Teradata SQL Tutorial. Thanks for visiting my website. Teradata SQL Tutorial will help you in understanding basics of Teradata with more focus on the SQL part. We have designed this website in such a manner that even a beginner shall understand concepts easily. Also, if you are already aware of SQL and just wish to see the Teradata extension of SQL then also you will find the website helpful.

The journey started in 2009 when I posted my first Teradata blog. The intention was to provide e-space where readers can find valuable Teradata tips. Back then, there weren’t many teradata blogs. In this blog, I have tried to cover Teradata Basics, Teradata Advance, Teradata Stored Procedures. In the past 8 years I have given as well as taken loads of interviews on Teradata. So I thought of sharing few Teradata Interview Questions too via blog. If you have noticed I have not covered all the Teradata utilities but Teradata TPT here because I felt there are already a number of other TD blogs which explain it in pretty good manner.

I would like to take this opportunity to answer few FAQs:

How often do you update your website?

Not very often. However whenever I find something interesting in my day to day Teradata work and I feel others may too want to learn it then I put it on blog. Also we are active on FACEBOOK and in the past we have posted few blogs after we received request on our FB page on some topics.

How can I subscribe to your website’s content?

You can subscribe to our blog via the subscription widget on the sidebar. Just enter your email and we will inform you whenever we post a new blog.

How about Teradata Online Training?

If you are looking for any specific topic then feel free to give us a shout out with topic details and we will try to cover it in our future posts. However if you wish to cover several topics and feel training is much more beneficial than just reading a blog then you may contact us too. I am always happy to help you.

Why you should reach out to me?

  • If the blog you have read here isn’t enough.
  • If you have any specific blog post request.
  • *If you want us to conduct Teradata Interview on your behalf. We give exhaustive Interview feedback for each candidate.
  • *If you want us to create Teradata assessment for your organization. This could be objective or subjective type.
  • *If you want us to help you in cracking Teradata Interviews. Our Mock Interviews cover various Teradata specific questions and Teradata SQL questions to make you feel more confident.
  • *If you are looking for Teradata Freelancer who can assist you with various Teradata activites.
  • Note: * premium services

How can I contact you ?

Contacting us is easy. You can drop a comment below or you can reach out to us directly by submitting the form below. We also check our Facebook page regularly and you can leave post/message there also.


2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Nitin
    I must say that the manner in which you explain complex topics so easily is commendable. Teradata TPT post is awesome.
    Let me know if you have give online Teradata training too or have videos covering all the Teradata topics ?


    1. Hi Nisha
      Thanks for the praise which should motivate me to publish few more articles in next few days. 🙂
      As such I don’t give any Teradata online training however I can cover any specific topic if you want.
      I do have received online training requests several time in the past on FB Page too however never took it seriously.
      The reason is that I feel we already have so many Teradata blogs which explain topics in detail. However if I see that more and more people are looking for Teradata Online Training I may think about it.
      Presently I don’t give any online training.

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