How to load multiple files into one single Table using TPT in Teradata?

We recently received a comment on our previous TPT post,(Click here to read it) requesting for a sample TPT script to load multiple data files into one single Teradata Table using Load operator.The TPT script is simple and is very much similar to our TPT script we shared in earlier posts. The main component which will change is the PRODUCER operator. Here we’ll use 2 new variables : VARCHAR FileList = ‘YES’, VARCHAR FileName = @File1 FileList : represent here…

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Teradata Parallel Transporter - Basics, Syntax and Example

Teradata Parallel Transporter TPT – Basics , Example and Syntax

We receive so many requests for covering Teradata Utilities tutorials in our blog. The reason primarily I was not doing it because there are other blogs which already cover it. However one utility in specific I find the resources available online are not easy to understand or not very clear. I am talking about Teradata Parallel Transporter or in short TPT. This is my attempt to make it simple and easy to understand. Before we proceed with writing TPT script,…

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