If writing a typical TPT script is tedious task for you then you may try using existing TPT templates to quickly write a TPT script. Teradata provides list of templates for all the TPT operators which you can use to quickly create a TPT script. In this post, we will see how to export data from a Teradata table using default templates available in tbuild. Below is the TPT script content [exp_Customer.tpt]. I am using just 2 “OPERATOR” in the TPT script and will use below variable file to pass parameters for corresponding operators. Below is the variable file content [var_Customer.txt]. You can check outRead More →

So often we come across situation to load data file into Teradata table. Also very frequently we extract data to flat file from Teradata table as well. Occasionally we may have to load data from one Teradata table to another in different servers. The first thing which comes to a developer mind is Teradata PT. However traditionally , developer have been writing lengthy TPT scripts for these activities. To make life simple TPT Easy loader is available for developer which internally calls TPT and creates TPT script dynamically and runs it. To check if you have tdload client installed on your machine , just typeRead More →

We recently received a comment on our previous TPT post,(Click here to read it) requesting for a sample TPT script to load multiple data files into one single Teradata Table using Load operator.The TPT script is simple and is very much similar to our TPT script we shared in earlier posts. The main component which will change is the PRODUCER operator. Here we’ll use 2 new variables : VARCHAR FileList = ‘YES’, VARCHAR FileName = @File1 FileList : represent here that we are going to process list of files. FileName: the Filename which has list of DATA files in it. One in each line. SoRead More →

We receive so many requests for covering Teradata Utilities tutorials in our blog. The reason primarily I was not doing it because there are other blogs which already cover it. However one utility in specific I find the resources available online are not easy to understand or not very clear. I am talking about Teradata Parallel Transporter or in short TPT. This is my attempt to make it simple and easy to understand. Automatically generate Teradata Import Scripts – BTEQ Import, Fastload, Multiload or TPTLoad with this web utility. Before we proceed with writing TPT script, let me give you some background about this utilityRead More →